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Enhance Your Smile with Dental Crowns and Bridges in Kitchener & Cambridge

Dental Crowns and Bridges at Solar Dental

Dental crowns and bridges are versatile solutions for restoring and protecting damaged or missing teeth. At Solar Dental in Kitchener & Cambridge, we specialize in providing high-quality crowns and bridges to enhance the health and appearance of your smile.

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Dental Crowns: Restore and Protect Your Teeth

Dental crowns fit over injured, discolored, or cracked teeth, providing protection from further damage. They can also fill the space left after dental extractions. Our crowns are crafted to look and feel like your natural teeth, restoring both function and aesthetics.

Why Choose Dental Crowns?

  • Restore broken or damaged teeth
  • Strengthen teeth weakened by decay or fractures
  • Enhance the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Protect teeth after a root canal treatment

Dental Bridges: Fill the Gaps in Your Smile

Dental bridges are used to fill the gaps left by missing teeth, restoring your smile's appearance and function. They are anchored in place by crowns placed on adjacent teeth or dental implants.

Why Choose Dental Bridges?

  • Fill gaps left by missing teeth
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of position
  • Restore your ability to chew and speak properly
  • Maintain the shape of your face and smile

Expert Dental Care in Kitchener & Cambridge

At Solar Dental, our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality dental care. We use advanced technology and techniques to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout your treatment.

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