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Let Your Children Be Hypnotized Into Calmness

…As They Watch The Fish Swim By Lazily In Giant Salt Water Tanks

Believe it or not, this is good dentistry.

Our new dental office in Cambridge has two huge salt water tanks filled with exotic fish who are in no hurry to get anywhere.

If you suffer from stress, high blood pressure, insomnia or if your nerves are on edge, keeping an aquarium may be good therapy for you.

A lot of people experience anxiety and stress in dental treatments. Watching fish swim back and forth lowers the stress of waiting to be examined by any doctor. Observation of aquaria has also been shown to reduce muscle tension and pulse rate in elderly subjects. Patients demonstrated a 12% reduction in self-reported pre-treatment anxiety.

But fish tanks are not the answer to everything.  People experience a lot of anxiety because they feel they can’t afford treatment and postpone appointments, thereby letting their conditions deteriorate.

Solar Dental offers interest-free payments so treatment is more affordable. This also contributes to reducing anxiety.

Reduced anxiety and stress helps improve the experience of dental treatments and much of the fear associated with dentists vanishes.
Solar Dental’s 9 point program is designed to make it easier and more convenient for people to get the treatment they need.



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As many of you already know we have some exciting news about our own Dr. Giuliana Demarco. In July of 2014 Giuliana graduated Summe Cum Laude from Semmelweis University in Budapest Hungary as a Doctor of Medical Dentistry. She was the valedictorian of her graduating class and returned to London to prepare for her new career as a Dentist.

Her last great hurdle was the equivalency process which all Dentists educated outside Canada must endure. This process is incredibly difficult. It consists of 3 distinct parts 2-8 hour written exams and one 2 day practical exam. The failure rate is extremely high approaching 80% at times particularly on the practical exams.

Giuliana was advised by University of Western Ontario Dental School professors that it was virtually impossible to pass all the exams in one year in succession. She decided to go for it anyway and worked very hard over the last year (with some help from her father of course). It is with great pride that we can announce that on July 14th 2015 we found out that she had successfully completed the equivalency process.

If you were in the office that day you know all about this as there was a lot of hooping and hollering among all the staff. The only remaining hurdle for the latest Dr. Demarco is the National Board Exams which all new dentists write in November. After this Giuliana will begin practicing sometime early in the New Year.

All of us want to join together to celebrate this achievement. I am especially excited to work with another Dr. Demarco. Dr. John Demarco began this dental career almost 40 years ago and has been joined by Dr. Manu Panwar and Dr. Hans Graber over the years. How appropriate that the new Dr. Demarco should start her career in such outstanding fashion! When I joined the team I knew that Giuliana was in this process but witnessing such commitment has been a thrill!

Congratulations Giuliana!!!!!!!




In a community as tightly knit as ours, it’s important that we support each other. Community involvement is important to us and we get involved wherever we can. One of the great things about being Canadian is our amazing youth hockey. Teaching teamwork, promoting healthy exercise, and improving mental agility, hockey is a great activity for children – of all ages.

That’s why we’re proud to sponsor the Kitchener Mighty Ducks hockey team located in Kitchener, On.

If your child is playing any contact sports this winter – remember a mouth guard. They do more than protect teeth – ask us more at your next appointment





Most Insurance policy year-ends are coming up on December 31st. At that point any unused insurance allowance are lost and not rolled over to the New Year.

If you have Dental work that you have been putting off and that needs to be done it is advisable to contact us and request an appointment to come in before the end of the year. We’ll review your insurance plan with you so we both understand what is

available. We can prioritize your treatment over a predetermined length of time and make certain you receive all the benefits you’re entitled to. At some point, everyone has questions, so please call us when you do. For starters, let’s make sure you’re not missing out on any benefits owed during any fiscal period.