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The May 2000 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Health states:

“You cannot be healthy without oral health. Oral health and general health should not be interpreted as separate entities.”

“The so-called lifestyle illnesses are increasingly linked in scientific research to an out-of-balance immune response.”

Your Mouth Is The Window To The Body’s Immune Response

Dental professionals often refer to this connection as the “oral-systemic link”.

It is also referred to as the “Window to the chronic inflammatory response” because a quick examination of the periodontal tissue reveals the state of inflammation within the body.

For example, if you have swollen or bleeding gums, it means that the body is under attack and the immune system is actively engaged in fighting the infection or disease.  If you have a cold or are under stress your gums can start swelling or even bleeding.

A dental hygienist is trained to find irregularities in your periodontal tissue.  Internal problems and diseases are easier to deal with at an early stage.  This is one good reason to pay a visit to an expert hygienist on a regular basis.

Your mouth also reveals bacterial imbalance in your body.

When the bacteria in your mouth is out of balance periodontal tissues start showing signs of inflammation.  The colour might change, or there might be some pain or other symptom that a dentist can check into.  If the bacterial imbalance is not handled in time the inflammation can become chronic.

Excessive bacteria in the mouth can travel through the blood stream into the body and lead to chronic disease in the organ systems.

Wellness lifestyle dentistry uses the vast knowledge of dental professionals in evaluating the health of your teeth and gums as a window to overall health of your body.

New Green Dentistry Technologies Are Better For The Patient And Reduce Pollution And Waste

It turns out that many of the innovations on the leading edge of dental technology are also better for patients and the planet

New products and technologies for cleaner, greener dental practices are now emerging.  They allow green dentistry dental professionals to provide better patient health while eliminating the waste products generated by a traditional dental practice.

High tech innovations such as salivary diagnostics and laser cleansing technology – a green dental professional can evaluate the extent of bacterial imbalance and get more accurate information to help calm the inflammation in the periodontal tissue.  There are also opportunities to detoxify the periodontal tissue before it becomes a problem for the body’s organs.

High-tech innovations are key to helping dental professionals achieve their targets for waste reduction and resource conservation.

Digital technologies offer green dentists the information required for early  diagnosis, preventive therapies, and education to help wellness lifestyle patients maintain long-term wellness and avoid invasive or expensive procedures.