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Root canal London Ontario

What Is A Root Canal?

If you have severe tooth pain, you might need a root canal.  When there is a cavity, a cracked or badly damaged tooth where the infection or trauma has gone deep inside the tooth, a root canal is an attempt to save that tooth.

When your tooth is that badly damaged, your dentist will refer you to a dental specialist called an endodontist.  The endodontist will repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth.

Specifically, the dentist (specialist) will go into the tooth through an existing opening or they will create one.  It may take more than one appointment, but they will clean out the infection and remove the damaged nerve tissue and bacteria.  Once the root canal, inside the tooth, is completely free of infected tissue and debris, the endodontic specialist will fill the tooth with a natural substance and seal the tooth.

At this point, your tooth is no longer “non-vital”.  All the nerves have been taken out, but it is still nourished by the surrounding tissues.

What Would Cause My Tooth To Need A Root Canal?

Decay is the number one cause of damage to the dental pulp leading to a need for endodontic treatment.  Fractures or cracks of all kinds are also a very common reason teeth become symptomatic and need a root canal procedure.  Trauma that does not necessarily crack the tooth, things like grinding, clenching, sports related impacts, car accidents, and even the trauma produced by dental work itself can cause a tooth to become symptomatic over time.

Is It Painful To Get A Root Canal?

In the past, root canal treatments were very painful.  Fortunately, things have changed for the better.

Your endodontics specialist will place a small amount of anesthesia to gently numb a concentrated area of your mouth.  The feeling of numbness lasts for two to three hours for most patients.  That is more than enough time to do the treatment.  Most people won’t notice a thing until after the treatment.

You may feel some pain in a small area of your mouth for a few days.  If you need it, routine, over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Aleve or Asprin is enough for most people.  You dentist can prescribe stronger pain killers if you need it, but in most cases it is not necessary.

Can You Drive After Having A Root Canal?

Some people are particularly sensitive to anesthesia.  If you have had difficulty driving after a visit to the dentist in the past, maybe you shouldn’t drive after a root canal.  However, if you have not experienced any difficulties driving after any dental visit where they use anesthesia, a root canal is no different.

If you have not had trouble driving in the past after seeing the dentist for a filling, then there is no reason you should have a problem driving after a root canal procedure.  Most likely you will be numb for an hour or two after your appointment just like most filling procedures.  Going back to work is a personal choice but again not normally a problem.

Can You Go Back To Work After A Root Canal?

Going back to work is a personal choice.  The area around your tooth will be numb for a few hours, then it might be painful.  However, if you take a couple of Tylenol or other over-the-counter pain killer, the pain should be manageable.

Can I Eat Or Drink After A Root Canal Procedure?

You can eat after a root canal, but obviously, you can’t chew food from the tooth where the treatment has just been applied.  The treated tooth will be sore for a few days, so it is better to avoid putting pressure on it for a few days.

The other thing to consider is if you start eating hard foods when your mouth is still numb, you might bite your tongue and not realize it.  That will hurt after the numbness goes away.  It is better to wait until the numbness is gone before you start eating foods you have to chew.

Can I Go Back To Work After My Root Canal?

Your jaw may be sore and your lip may be numb, but you should be in good shape to continue your regular schedule. It should be no different than getting a large filling or a crown.

Will I Need More Dental Work After My Root Canal?

After the root canal treatment you will be asked to go back to your dentist to make sure everything is ok now.  The dentist will check to make sure the restoration is properly.  In most cases, the dentist would have asked the endodontics specialist to put a temporary filling in the tooth.  The dentist will replace the temporary filling with a permanent one to make sure the root canal is properly sealed, after consulting with you.

You should get the permanent filling in your tooth within two to four weeks after the root canal.

How Long Does A Root Canal Procedure Take?

Most appointments take one hour to an hour and a half depending on which tooth is being treated.

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 Root Canal London Ontario