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About Solar Dental – Dental Clinic London Ontario

Solar Dental – dental clinic London Ontario services provide a variety of dental treatments for adults, children and even infants. Treatments include cosmetic dental procedures such as root canals, in-clinic teeth whitening and home whitening solutions, sedation dentistry for kids and adults as needed, Invisalign instead of braces, preventive dental treatments, dental hygienist services and emergency dental treatments.  Solar Dental - Dental Clinic London Ontario

When you need dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, veneers for your teeth or an overall smile makeover, Solar Dental – dental clinic London Ontario provides a very comfortable dental clinic experience with the help of sedation dentistry and other procedures.
We are a full service dental clinic in London Ontario so we provide many other services not listed here. The best thing to do is call and set up an appointment for a free consultation.

Root canals – Root canals are now a routine procedure that can be done very comfortably. Pain is no longer a big deal with root canals. If needed, we can apply sedation dentistry strategically so most people will find it to be a very easy process.

Teeth whitening – A teeth whitening process implemented by a dentist can produce great results in one or two treatments in our dental clinic. Depending on your situation there can be some follow-up work for you to do at home. Teeth whitening results from a dentist can last a long time.

Sedation dentistry for kids and adults – If you are a little or a lot nervous, or if your child has difficulty sitting still, we have just the solution – sedation dentistry! In most cases, full sedation is not necessary because we can apply partial sedation or local anaesthetic to make you or your child comfortable.

Cosmetic dentistry – The Esthene Centre is well-known for cosmetic dentist treatments. We can fix broken, missing, stained, misaligned teeth and many other ‘cosmetic’ problems. We have everything you need for your teeth so you can be beautiful and self-confident in social situations.

Preventive dental treatments – We’ll work out a detailed plan for you and / or your children so you can keep your natural teeth for a long, long time. Preventive dental science has come a long way since you were a child. We can show you the best ways to keep you and your family’s teeth healthy.

Dental hygienist services – The key word is “gentle”. We’ll clean your teeth with the utmost of care. Regular dental cleanings by a professional dental hygienist is part of a good preventive dental care regimen.

Dental implants – Dental implants can be the best option to your natural teeth. If your dental health allows it, getting a dental implant can be the most permanent, worry-free, maintenance free way to replace natural teeth.

Dental crowns – The next step after a dental implant is to cap it of with a dental crown. Dental crowns are natural looking “teeth” that blend right in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Invisalign – Braces don’t look that good. Unless there is a medical reason to have braces, Invisalign is the more desirable way to go. Ivisalign is almost invisible. We can align your teeth without inconveniencing you like braces do, or changing your lifestyle.

Dental bridges – This is a quicker and easier way to get functionality back in your teeth, but dental implants are better if your dental health will accept it.

Dental veneers – If your teeth are permanently stained, damaged or misaligned, dental veneers can cure the ‘cosmetic’ problem easily. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Smile makeover – This is what we are really good at. Come to the Esthene Centre for a free consultation and we’ll show you some great options to get a great looking smile!

Solar Dental is open 6 days a week, and in the evenings during weekdays for endodontics services, cosmetic dental clinic, sedation dental clinic, kids dental clinic and other dental services in London Ontario. If you are experiencing extreme tooth pain, you might need a root canal from an Paediatric Dental clinic. Extreme pain can be considered a dental emergency, so come see us as quickly as possible. We will schedule your appointment on a priority basis to get rid of the pain as quickly as possible. Call 519 672-5373 or 1 844-765-2748 to let us know you are coming.

In addition to endodontics services in London Ontario, the Solar Dental London dental clinic office is a full service dental clinic in London Ontario that provides cosmetic dental clinic services, sedation dentistry, emergency dental clinic services, dental hygiene services, dental implants, dental clinic, periodontist services, Invisalign, and denture care services. We are a full service family friendly dental clinic in London Ontario providing dental services for adults and kids dental clinic services.

Solar Dental – Dental Clinic London Ontario