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About Solar Dental – Dental implants Kitchener Ontario

There are a lot of benefits of using dental implants to restore missing or damaged teeth rather than other treatments:

1. Dental implants are pretty well like natural, healthy teeth. Since dental implants are embedded into the bone, they are strong and stable like natural teeth.

2. Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth.  Dental Implants Solar Dental Kitchener Ontario

3. Other options can often result in bone deterioration and can be uncomfortable when eating, smiling, speaking or other activities of everyday life.

4. Dental bridges are often used instead of dental implants. Bridges only last for 5-7 years…10 years if you are lucky.

Dental implants may need periodic adjustments, but they can last a lifetime with periodic checkups and proper care.

5. Enjoy life without worrying about your teeth! Removable dentures or tooth-supported replacement teeth can loosen or even fall out in the middle of a conversation, during a meal or when you laugh. Teeth restored with dental implants are will remain solid. They won’t fall out when you are with people and embarrass you.

6. Keep your natural good looks. If you lose your teeth and don’t replace them your face will sag and appear sunken and sad. Dental implants allow you to maintain the natural shape of your face and smile.

7. Empty spaces because of missing teeth can lead to the deterioration of your jawbone. If the jawbone is not supporting teeth, it loses its strength and firmness. Dental implants are the only way to preserve natural bone. They help to stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss.

8. Daily care of dental implants is just like natural teeth. You can brush, floss and care for dental implanted teeth just like your natural teeth.

9. Dental implants don’t damage the healthy teeth in your mouth. Placing a tooth-supported bridge requires grinding the teeth on one or both sides of the missing tooth or teeth – thereby damaging healthy teeth. Next, the healthy teeth are used to support the dental bridge for the missing teeth. This is very hard on the existing healthy teeth. Dental implants go in the jawbone, in the spot where your missing tooth root was, without impacting healthy teeth.

Solar Dental dental implants Kitchener Ontario services are a good option for replacing a missing tooth or teeth for many people. When you need a dental implant, Invisalign, dental bridges, dental veneers or any kind of a smile makeover Dr. Neal Baweja of Solar Dental Kitchener Ontario can help you have an almost painless experience with the help of sedation dentistry and other procedures.

Dental implants Kitchener Ontario