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Wisdom Teeth Cambridge Ontario – Freedom From Tooth Pain!

Wisdom teeth Cambridge Ontario – If you have severe pain in the back of your mouth, jaw or headache, get a dentist to check it out right away. Your wisdom teeth might be causing problems.

The last set of molars at the back of your mouth usually grow out between age 17 and 24. That’s when teenagers start to figure out what life is really about, thus these teeth are often called “wisdom” teeth.

Wisdom teeth can be a problem when they grow out horizontally, angled toward the second molars or away from them, or they can grow sideways, in toward the mouth or out toward your cheek.

Anything other and normal, straight up growth can cause major problems for the mouth, your other teeth or even your overall physical health.

Poorly aligned wisdom teeth can push other teeth tight against each other or damage adjacent teeth.

Poorly aligned wisdom teeth can even damage the jawbone or nerves.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Cambridge Ontario

Wisdom teeth are said to be ‘impacted’ when only part of the tooth comes out through the bone, but the gum is still covering the rest of the tooth. If the entire tooth remains in the jawbone it is called “complete” bony impaction.

Misaligned or impacted wisdom teeth don’t always cause pain. You could have impacted wisdom teeth and not even know about it. In fact, you may only get symptoms when the gums on top of the tooth become infected or swollen.

Common Symptoms Of Wisdom Teeth Problems

• Pain
• Swollen gums
• Bleeding gums
• Swelling around the jaw
• Bad breath
• Headache
• Jaw ache
• Unpleasant taste in the mouth when eating
• Stiffness in the jaw
• Swollen lymph nodes in the neck

Other Problems Caused By Wisdom Teeth

• Food can become trapped, providing a place for bacteria to grow. Bacterial growth can cause cavities.
• They may push adjacent teeth against each other so tight that you can’t floss properly. This causes poor hygiene and related problems.
• Partially erupted wisdom teeth give bacteria a pathway into the gums and cause painful infections, swelling or stiffness in the jaw.
• When wisdom teeth grow toward your other teeth they can damage adjacent molars.
• An impacted wisdom tooth can form a cyst on or near the impacted tooth. This can damage the roots of nearby teeth or decay the jawbone.

Should You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out?

If the tooth is creating problems or is moving your other teeth out of position, you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

When your dentist does an x-ray she may find that the wisdom tooth is positioned so it will be harmful to the adjacent teeth. This can be another reason to have your wisdom tooth removed.

If you are experiencing any of the problems above and there is no way to fix them, it may a good idea to have your wisdom teeth removed.

The decision to remove wisdom teeth largely depends on what your dentist finds. He will discuss the options with you, so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Involved In Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

The procedure for removing wisdom teeth is pretty simple. In many cases, the dentist or surgeon can just give you a local anesthetic and remove the teeth. Sometimes a general anesthetic may be required if the situation is more complex.

Dentists often recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted at a younger age because the roots of your teeth are not fully developed. This makes it easier to extract them. In this case, even if the dentist decides to take out all four wisdom teeth in the same session, you will still be able to bite, eat and talk properly.

Complications With Wisdom Teeth Removal

When any teeth are extracted, there can be complications like infection, nerve damage causing numbness in the lower lip or tongue, stiff jaw, or dry sockets.

Dry Socket – Once the tooth is taken out a blood clot forms in the tooth socket. This is the body’s way of healing itself. If the blood clot breaks down the bone and nerves can be exposed. This can be very painful. It usually happens within five days or so after the extraction. If you think you are in this situation contact your dentist right away! It can take up to ten days to heal a dry socket condition.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth removal is a painful process. The good news is that for most people the pain is gone within three or four days. You will need to take some pain killers during that time.

While your mouth heals you need to be careful you don’t dislodge or break down the blood clot that has formed where the tooth used to be. For this reason you’ll need to avoid eating solid foods for a few days. In fact, don’t even brush your teeth, spit, floss or rinse your mouth for the next day or two after surgery.

How long it takes to recover from wisdom teeth extraction depends on how badly they were impacted and how “twisted” they were. Every situation is different. Be extra careful as long as there is swelling or discomfort.

In every case, it’s a smart idea to work closely with your dentist. If you are experiencing anything that ‘feels’ wrong or painful, see your dentist right away. This is the best way to avoid complications.

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 Wisdom Teeth Cambridge Ontario