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Dental Crowns Cambridge Ontario Dental Clinic

A dental crown is a “cap” that fully covers the visible portion of your tooth to the gum line.  It completely replaces the visible part of the tooth regardless of the condition of the natural tooth below it.

If the natural tooth is in a very decayed condition a root canal procedure may be necessary before applying a dental crown.

A dental crown does not repair a tooth.  However, if the natural tooth is weak, a dental cap can give it support so your teeth continue to be functional.

Dental crowns are permanently cemented into place, but they may or may not last a lifetime, depending on certain circumstances discussed below.

Some Common Reasons For Getting Dental Crowns

  1. Repair and strengthen damaged teeth.
  2. Improve tooth appearance – colour, shape, alignment
  3. Protect a weak tooth so it doesn’t decay
  4. Protect a cracked tooth so it doesn’t break completely
  5. Hold together parts of a cracked tooth
  6. Compensate for a severely worn down tooth.
  7. Cover and support a large filling when there isn’t a lot of tooth left
  8. Cover misshapen teeth
  9. Cover badly stained teeth that cannot be whitened.
  10. Cover a dental implant
  11. Cosmetic modifications

Two Step Procedure For Applying Dental Crowns

First Visit

Detailed examination by a dentist:

  • Take x-rays to check the roots
  • Check the health condition of the tooth or teeth that need to be capped.
  • Is a root canal needed before capping?

Prepare the tooth:

  • Anesthetize the tooth and gums around it.
  • File down the tooth at the top and sides to make room for the new crown.
  • Build up the tooth if it is weak.
  • Take an impression of your tooth
  • Shave the tooth down to accommodate the dental crown
  • Select the colour that most closely matches your natural teeth.
  • Send the tooth impression or the putty mold to a dental lab to get the crown made.
  • Make a temporary crown to protect the tooth that has been prepared (shaved down).

It takes two to three weeks to get the dental crowns from the lab.  Once they arrive, your dentist will call and book your second appointment.

To make sure nothing goes wrong with your temporary crowns, avoid sticky, chewy foods that can pull off the crown and try to avoid using that side of the mouth.  Be careful when flossing so it doesn’t pull off the temporary dental crown.

Second Visit

Your dentist will remove the temporary crown and see if the new one fits properly and has the correct colour to match your teeth.  You will be able to see what the final result will look like at this stage.

If everything looks good, a local anesthetic is used to numb the tooth and the new dental crowns are permanently cemented into place.

Dental Crowns For Cosmetic Dentistry Purposes

Generally it is not a good idea to use dental crowns strictly as a cosmetic dentist procedure.  If you take the technology to its extreme you can have virtually perfect looking teeth by using crowns.

Crowns do not last a lifetime.  Generally, you can expect a dental crown to be good for up to ten to fifteen years.  Then they need to be replaced.  By repeatedly having your dental caps taken off and getting new ones, more and more of your natural teeth will need to be shaved down.  This is not good for your teeth.

Dental crowns make sense when you need to restore or strengthen your teeth.  In that scenario, dental crowns can make the decaying or crumbling teeth look a lot better.

If you want cosmetic dentistry, a better option would be to use dental veneers or Lumineers.

If what you really want is a smile makeover, have a frank conversation with your dentist to determine the best approach for a more beautiful smile, in your case.

Solar Dental is open 7 days a week, and also in the evenings on weekdays for all dental services in Cambridge Ontario.  You can schedule appointments after school hours and even after work to make it convenient for everyone.

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Dental Crowns Cambridge Ontario