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Single tooth implant Cambridge Ontario at Solar Dental clinic

A single dental implant is a straightforward tooth replacement solution to a:

  • a missing tooth
  • a loose tooth
  • a tooth with a poor prognosis (like a decayed tooth)
  • a broken tooth
  • a cracked tooth
  • a tooth with a failed root canal
  • a ‘baby’ tooth / ‘milk’ tooth / ‘deciduous’ tooth
  • a tooth damaged as a result of a sports injury

When you have a problem with just one tooth, there are three possible solutions: 

  1. Get a tooth supported dental bridge that covers three teeth
  2. Get a single tooth denture
  3. Get a single tooth dental implant

What Is A Dental Bridge? 

A traditional dental bridge involves attaching a fake tooth (pontic) to a healthy tooth on either side.  The attachments or abutments are called “crowns”.  Dental crowns and are made of porcelain or ceramics and fused to a metal bracket.  When only one tooth needs to be replaced, the bracket spans three teeth.

There are several potential problems with dental bridges:

– Your dentist will have to grind down the enamel on both healthy teeth to make room for the dental crown.

– Since enamel doesn’t grow back, the crown on the healthy teeth will need to be there permanently.

– Once the bridge is in place there is extra load on the healthy teeth because the tooth in between does not have any support from the jawbone.

– The extra load reduces the lifespan of the bridge significantly.

– When the bridge fails, one or both supporting (previously healthy) teeth will also likely fail.

– This will create a gap between the teeth which keeps getting wider over time, creating additional problems for those teeth and others in your mouth.

– Gums can recede around a bridge making the metal bridge visible when you talk, eat or smile.

– The cement holding the bridge can dissolve so bacteria gets in behind the crown and decays the teeth where the enamel has been ground down.

What Is A Single Tooth Denture? 

A single tooth denture is also called a removable partial denture.  This option does not involve grinding the enamel off of healthy teeth like dental bridges.  However, they are often uncomfortable and can fall out when speaking, laughing or eating.

The bone under a removable partial denture can deteriorate.  This can change the appearance of your smile and face.  Bone loss in the area of the missing tooth can also affect the rest of the healthy teeth in your mouth.

Dentures are often uncomfortable and can damage adjacent teeth and gums.  They often become loose over time because your gums will continue to shrink beneath them.

Single tooth dentures need to be removed at night time.  This can be an inconvenience and is considered socially unacceptable at times.

What Is A Single Tooth Implant?

A single tooth implant is the preferred method of replacing a tooth, when possible, because it replaces both the lost natural tooth and its root..

The procedure involves your dentist will surgically placing a screw or tube right into your jawbone.  Over two to six months the tissue in your jawbone will bond with the implant so it becomes part of the bone.  This becomes and anchor for an artificial tooth that will replace the missing tooth.  Finally, a crown or cap which is made to look like your natural teeth is attached to the tooth implant.  A single tooth implant will be as strong as the rest of your teeth.

A single tooth implant is only possible if there is enough bone in the jaw and it is strong enough to hold and support the implant.  If there is not enough bone, a procedure called augmentation or bone grafting may be needed.

In addition to a strong jawbone, you will also need to have healthy, strong teeth, supporting tissues and gums for a single tooth implant procedure to be successful.

Advantages Of A Single Tooth Dental Implant

When a dental crown is supported by a single tooth implant it is far superior to any other tooth replacement option:

  • Your adjacent healthy teeth do not have to be purposefully permanently damaged.
  • A single tooth dental implant looks, feels and functions just like a natural tooth
  • Dental implants look like your natural teeth, do not stain easily and are likely to last a lifetime.
  • The bone is upheld, preventing bone loss and the resulting facial change.
  • Daily oral hygiene is easier to maintain
  • Implants do not decay and you won’t need a root canal

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 Single Tooth Implant Cambridge Ontario