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About Solar Dental Paediatric Dental Services Cambridge Ontario

Solar Dental paediatric dental services provide a friendly environment for children of all ages. Toddlers, pre-school, elementary school age and young teenagers, all have their own needs in terms of dental care

Paediatric Dentist Services Cambridge Ontario

Solar Dental Paediatric Dentist Services Cambridge Ontario

and personality management. Our paediatric dentis and staff are happy to deal with children. Your job as a parent becomes easier if the children actually look forward to a visit to the dentist.

Part of our paediatric services in Cambridge Ontario include a special play area that includes games, colouring books, magazines and snacks… all this, in addition to staff that are fun to deal with.

The biggest challenge in treating children is fear. Many children (and adults) are afraid of the dentist. Many times, this fear is unwarranted, but it is there and quite often, children are not able to sit still at the critical stage of the treatment. Instead of taking a chance of creating or supporting the fear, our paediatric dentists may use sedation dentistry techniques to calm them down.

Sedation dentistry for kids doesn’t mean they will go unconscious. In fact, full sedation is rarely required. Most of the time a local anesthetic takes care of the pain. When children discover that a visit to the dentist does not result in pain they are more willing to participate in the treatment and they are more receptive to following guidelines for preventive dental health.

Solar Dental is open 7 days a week, and also in the evenings on weekdays for paediatric dental services in Cambridge Ontario. You can schedule appointments after school hours and even after work to make it convenient for everyone.

Call 519-893-2790 or 1 844-765-2748 to book an appointment.

In addition to paediatric dental services in Cambridge Ontario, the Solar Dental Cambridge dentist office is a full service dental clinic in Cambridge Ontario that provides cosmetic dentist services, emergency dentist services, dental hygiene services, dental implants, periodontist services, paediatric dentist and denture care services. We are a full service family friendly dental clinic in Cambridge Ontario providing dental services for adults and kids dentist services.

Solar Dental Paediatric Dentist Services Cambridge Ontario