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No Appointment Necessary For Emergency Dentist In Cambridge Ontario

If you need an emergency dentist in Cambridge Ontario, just walk in.  If at all possible, give us a call on your way to the office so we can be ready for you.

You may need an emergency dentist for many reasons including:Emergency Dentist Cambridge Ontario at Solar Dental

  • Pain and infection relief
  • Abscess tooth treatment
  • Treatment chipped and broken teeth
  • Replacement of fillings that have fallen out
  • Treatment for injuries to the mouth and teeth that have been knocked out or lost
  • Denture repairs and replacement
  • Extractions
  • Root Canals

If you are in severe pain our goal is to do everything we can to get the situation under control.  However, you can make it easier on yourself if you do a little bit of first aid right away.

First Aid Tips – Emergency Dentist Cambridge Ontario

 Do This Right Away If You Have A Knocked Out Tooth

1.  Try to find the tooth that has been knocked out.  Don’t touch the root of the tooth if at all possible.  Only touch the tooth at the top (crown).

2.  Rinse the tooth in cold water.  DO NOT SCRUB or use soap on the knocked out tooth.

3.  Try to put the tooth back in its socket, in the mouth.  Your other teeth will try to close the gap right away, so the sooner you can get the tooth back in, the better.  Don’t worry about the alignment of the tooth.  Bite down on a gauze or clean cloth to keep the tooth in place.

4.  See an emergency dentist IMMEDIATELY.

5.  If you can’t put the tooth back in the mouth, put it in a container with milk.  DO NOT WRAP THE TOOTH.

If you can get the tooth back in the mouth within 30 minutes, you have the best chance of it “growing-in” again.

The emergency dentist will re-implant the tooth and apply a splint to keep it in place.

You will need to follow up with the dentist frequently.  If the tooth dies, you may need a root canal.

Seeing a dentist as quickly as possible is your best bet to save the tooth.

Solar Dental Cambridge is open evenings and weekends and you can walk in without an appointment.

Try to phone in before you come, if at all possible, so we can be ready.

First Aid For A Toothache Or Abscessed Tooth

1.  Clean the area with a gauze if there is pus, or gently brush, floss and rinse the mouth.

2.  Rinse your mouth with warm salt water several times, especially if there is food trapped in between the teeth.

3.  DO NOT put an aspirin on the sore area, especially the gums.  You’ll get a chemical burn!

4.  Applying a cold compress may help.

5.  Take a pill to relieve the pain.  Pain relievers can often reduce the inflammation.

6.  Call an emergency dentist Cambridge Ontario.

Consult a dentist as soon as possible even if the pain goes away.  There is probably an underlying condition that needs to be addressed and the pain could come back stronger than ever.

Fast Relief For A Tooth Filling That Has Fallen Out

If your filling has fallen out and there is a sensitive “hole” in your tooth, go to a drug store and pick up orthodontic wax.  It is soft and moldable.  You can apply it directly on to the “hole” and it will stick… just long enough for you to get to a dentist.

There is also something called a “temporary dental filling”, but the wax is a cleaner way to solve the immediate problem.

The best thing to do is to see a dentist the same day.

Do This Quickly If You Have A Painful Chipped Or Broken Tooth

1.  See a dentist immediately!  You probably have a damaged tooth nerve.  If you don’t see a dentist, the nerve could die and you could permanently lose your tooth.

2.  If you are not in pain, you can schedule a non-emergency appointment… but do this as quickly as possible because the impact that caused the tooth to break could also have caused more serious problems deeper inside the tooth, nerve or gums.

Emergency Dentist Cambridge Ontario – No Appointment Needed!