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    Why You Might Need A Root Canal Treatment

    I might need a root canal?? Oh no!

    That’s the reaction of a lot of people when they think they might need root canal treatment.

    But, in reality, if you’re experiencing tooth pain so severe that a root canal is needed, the root canal treatment will actually relieve the pain you have been tolerating all the time you have been avoiding going to the dentist!

    Now, being realistic, root canals can be painful.  The dentist will likely give you Novocain to stop the pain during treatment.  After the root canal treatment you will likely need pain relief pills for a few days.

    The other thing is that root canals can be fairly expensive.  We offer interest free payment options with affordable monthly payments to make it easier for you, but If you know what signals might mean the possibility of a root canal you may be able to heal yourself before a root canal treatment becomes absolutely necessary.

    Keep in mind, some root canals require complete removal of the tooth and a dental implant, but if you act quickly enough most, if not all of your tooth may be saved.

    Preventing tooth problems is definitely a less painful and less expensive way to go.

    How Do You Know If Your Problem Is Worthy Of A Root Canal?

    Sensitive Teeth

    As we grow older our enamel naturally gets weaker which exposes the sensitive part of our teeth to the cold.  Drinking coffee, eating acidic foods and brushing with a hard tooth brush can also lead to weak enamel.

    If your teeth are sensitive to the cold, it may not be a problem.  However, if you start experiencing pain from eating or drinking warm food or drink you may have a reason to be concerned.

    Sensitivity to the cold or warmth on one specific tooth means you should see a dentist right away.  It could be more serious than just natural weakening of enamel.

    Severe Tooth Pain

    A small twinge of pain when you chew might just be weakening of the enamel.  Constant, severe tooth pain in your gum-line is a sign that you should visit your dentist right away.

    When the nerve in the pulp of your tooth becomes damaged it is very painful.  It could mean there is infection in your gums and in the pulp area of your tooth.  A root canal may be the only solution if the condition is bad enough.

    Touch the tooth or teeth where you have pain.  Press down on the area a little bit.  Bite something with those teeth and see if it hurts.  If you experience searing pain, you probably need a root canal.

    Swollen Gums

    Gums can get swollen due to gingivitis or when a small particle gets trapped in the gum-line.  Swollen gums along the base of a single tooth is cause for concern.

    Sudden swelling means you likely have an inflamed or infected tooth.

    Better to be safe.  Get your dentist to check it out as soon as possible so you can prevent a bigger problem, if at all possible.

    Gum Pimples

    Gum pimples are similar to regular pimples.  They are caused by a buildup of bacteria under the skin.  If you have an injured tooth, the gum pimples are caused by bacteria that has accumulated under the gums.  This happens when the tooth is infected in the tooth’s pulp.  Small white bumps will show up along the gum-line.  Definitely get this condition checked by your dentist.

    Change In The Colour Of Your Teeth

    Smoking and eating and drinking coloured food is the reason for most tooth discolouration.  On the other hand, aging teeth also change colour because the enamel gets thinner as we grow older.

    If your tooth or teeth change colour quickly, it could be a sign of infection.  When the pulp of your tooth becomes infected it can become discoloured.  A dying tooth will also become discoloured.  Keep an eye on the colour of your teeth.  Any sudden change of colour means you should see your dentist asap.

    Whenever someone experiences tooth pain, it’s a sign that something isn’t right.  Get the advice and treatment of a dentist as soon as possible.

    If if you think a root canal is what you need, call and book an appointment with us right away.  We’ll evaluate what’s going on and work with you to determine the best treatment to help relieve the pain.

    With proper care, teeth that have undergone root canal treatment can last a lifetime.

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