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    Tips for Recovering Quickly From Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be a nerve wracking experience for some. However, if you go to a Kitchener dental clinic with experience in removing wisdom teeth, you can feel comfortable and confident in their ability to make this as easy as possible. While there are some well known routines to get into once your wisdom teeth come out, we also want to share with you some lesser known tips and tricks to speed up your recovery time and get you back normal quickly.


    Tea Bags

    heap of tea bags isolatedThe blood clots that form where your wisdom teeth were function like scabs that form over injuries on your skin and are necessary to have a successful healing process. Using tea bags intermittently with gauze at the very beginning stages of your recovery is a great way to speed up the process of forming those healing blood clots. Tea contains tannic acid that promotes the clotting of blood in open wounds. It can also help to reduce the pain you may feel as a result of your surgery. Be sure to moisten the tea bag before you put it in your mouth–you don’t want it to feel scratchy on your new wounds.


    Sleep Upright

    There is a good chance that you are going to be most uncomfortable when you are sleeping, especially if you tend to sleep on your stomach or side. The flatter you try to lay, the more stagnant your surgery site will be, causing your swelling to improve slower or even get worse. If at all possible, try to sleep upright. Prop up some pillows or blankets behind you to make yourself more comfortable. This will allow for proper drainage and for the swelling in your jaw and cheeks to go down quicker. Look for a Kitchener 7 day dentist so you can schedule your wisdom teeth removal at a time where you know you will be able to get some much needed rest.


    Avoid Alcohol or Smoking

    One of the first things the Kitchener dental clinic that removes your wisdom teeth will tell you is to avoid doing anything that requires a “sucking” action for at least 24 hours after your surgery. This includes smoking of any kind. The sucking motion can cause your blood clots to loosen and make you more susceptible to getting dry sockets, which you want to avoid at all costs. Smoking also decreases your blood supply, which could make your healing take long. It also could introduce germs and contaminants into the open wounds in your mouth. Alcohol should be avoided if you’re taking narcotics for pain management.


    Don’t Ice Excessively

    Young woman with toothache and ice bag.Your jaw and cheeks will most likely be swollen after your wisdom teeth surgery. For this reason, it is advised to put ice on those injuries. However, if you ice for too long, this could be counterproductive and actually cause you some damage. Over icing of injuries can damage those sensitive tissues. Depending on how much contact the ice makes with your skin, you could also potentially give yourself frostbite. Make sure you only ice for about 15-20 minutes at a time and give yourself about 45 minutes to an hour of rest time afterward.


    Be Patient with Your Healing

    It is a good idea to plan your wisdom teeth removal around your schedule to allow yourself enough time to heal properly. A Kitchener 7 day dentist can give you the most flexibility when planning the day that will work best for you for surgery. Don’t push yourself too far in the first few days of recovery. You don’t want to rush your recovery and begin eating foods or performing activities that your body isn’t ready for yet. Everyone will see improvements at varying times. It could take a week to a month to be back to the strength you were at prior to your surgery. But if you put these tips into practice, you should be able to do more and more each day after you have your wisdom teeth removed.

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  • Posted by Dakota on March 5, 2017, 5:58 am

    I love these tips. I just got my wisdom teeth out Thursday & this is very helpful!

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  • Posted by Tabitha Johnson Rager on January 6, 2018, 6:07 am

    I had one wisdom tooth pulled yesterday morning. It was my bottom right. There was no surgery involved. I didn’t stop bleeding until this morning. I slightly brushed my teeth tonight with synsodine toothpaste.
    When can I lay on my left side?
    When can I stop elevating my head?
    When can I eat food on that side?
    When can I put a tooth brush in that area?
    Do I still need to continue ice pack?
    Is it ok to submerge my head in hot water while in the tube?

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    • Posted by La' Me on February 23, 2018, 4:43 pm
      in reply to Tabitha Johnson Rager

      I came to the conclusion that its really at your own discretion what you do once the bleeding stops. Too much suction may dislodge the clots, as well as any other vigorous activity in the mouth. You just have to be mindful of what you are doing.

      With cigarettes, I smoked very conservatively and took the filters out when I did to avoid too much suction. With food, I basically confined myself to things like ramen noodles until I felt confident enough to eat something more solid. It wasnt until my 3rd day in that I moved up to more chewy or crunchy stuff.
      Again, its all about discretion- pay attention to what your mouth is telling you and dont rush it too much.

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  • Posted by Adrianna on February 7, 2018, 3:16 pm

    I just had my top and bottom right wisdom teeth removed on Monday (2 days ago).. when is it okay to have a smoke? When is it okay to start eating eggs, crackers, anything. I’m just very hungry and not liking only eating applesauce and smoothies.

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