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    • 03 JUL 14
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    Your Many Dental Options

    When it comes to dentistry, it’s nice to have options. In today’s market, the value of a second opinion or the ability to completely change your care provider is important no matter where you live. There are plenty of dentists to choose from in Kitchener, many of whom offer top of the line service, but

    • 02 FEB 19
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    How Can I Improve the Whiteness of My Teeth?

    If you are asking how to ‘improve’ the whiteness of teeth, your teeth are probably pretty nice.  You probably don’t have a lot of stains on your teeth. The most reliable way to improve the whiteness of your teeth is by going to a dentist.  For some people it is possible to change tooth color

    • 02 JUL 14
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    Caring for Teeth After Whitening

    Imagine this, you just finished a whitening treatment at your dental clinic in Kitchener, Ontario. Your teeth are a beautiful, pearly white. You can’t help but smile to show them off. The next morning, you go out and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends. If you keep that up, the whiteness of your teeth