• 1-844 SOLAR 4U
    • 15 DEC 14
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    Go Beyond the Limits of Human Vision!

    We can go now go beyond the limits of human vision with the Sopro717 LED Intra Oral Camera and show you a high quality, magnified image of the inside of your mouth without using bulky accessories. These LED cameras are a tool we use at chair side to show you a clear picture of the

    • 29 OCT 18
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    Can A Dental Cavity Go Away On Its Own?

    Dental cavities happen when bacterial infection eats through the enamel that protects our teeth. Our mouths are full of all kinds of bacteria.  Some bacteria are good for us others combine with sugars and starches to form acids that can eat away at our teeth. Harmful bacteria form a sticky, colourless film that covers our