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    Questions To Ask During Your Dental Visit

    We know it’s hard to try to have a conversation with your dentist or dental hygienist while you are having a dental exam. With gloved hands and shiny tools sticking out of your mouth, it’s hard to get any words out, let alone comprehensible words. But even if you can’t talk to your dental care professional in the middle of your cleaning or other exam, it is important to ask a few questions to ensure you are getting the best dental care possible.

    What Can I Do to Prevent Oral Diseases?

    Even if your dentist doesn’t see any signs of disease in your mouth, it is still a smart idea to get into good habits to continue preventing any damage. Your dentist could recommend techniques like using sealants or fluoride toothpaste. Depending on your lifestyle, a dentist might also advise you to stop smoking or change your diet in order to take better care of your oral hygiene and overall health.

    Which of My Treatments Are Necessary? Optional? Cosmetic?

    Many times, dentists will freely supply this information without even having to be asked. But if it slips their mind, it’s good to make sure you have the appropriate idea of the procedures being performed on you. Something you might have thought was optional could be merely cosmetic and would not be covered by your insurance. This is a valuable piece of information you would want to know before you proceeded with your dental health plan.

    Healthy teeth patient at dentist officeWhat Is Your Policy on Emergency Dental Visits?

    Some dentist offices do not allow for same-day appointments, after-hours, or weekend visits. But with some people’s schedules, the only day to get to a dentist is after 5pm or on a Sunday. Dentists in Kitchener can be found with office hours that are more convenient and flexible for you, and it’s good to ask your dentist what their availability is like, especially if you ever need an emergency visit.

    Do You Have Any Dental Health Materials Available?

    Because dentists typically have very busy schedules, they might not have the time to explain every intricate detail of a problem or procedure to you. This is where pamphlets or booklets could come in handy. Pick up any materials your dental office is offering to patients so you can learn more about issues you have questions or concerns about.

    Do You See Anything I Should Tell My Family Doctor About?

    Many health problems can begin by manifesting themselves in the oral cavity. A sign of diabetes is inflamed gums, and vitamin deficiencies and osteoporosis can be first evident by a typical oral screening done by your dentist or hygienist. If you ask your oral health professional if any precursors to health problems are present in your mouth, you can get a heads up for your next checkup or physical exam with your primary care physician.

    Although many people just want to get in and out of the dentist as quickly as possible, if you take the time to talk to your dentist about your overall oral and physical health, you can save yourself some time and worry in the future.

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