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    Kids’ Teeth: Coming Of Age Cavity-Free


    Your children’s cavity-counting days could soon be over. Pit and fissure sealants are a simple and effective way to stop the decay that causes cavities, especially in kids’ teeth.
    Here’s how they work. Sealants are clear or white plastic coatings we can apply to the chewing surface of the back teeth. The sealant material covers the depressions and grooves on the surface of the teeth where cavities are most likely to form. They work best protecting new teeth. That makes them ideal for children. Sealants give those teeth some protective armor through the ages of seven to fifteen when children are most vulnerable to tooth decay.

    Depending on your child’s chewing patterns, the sealants can last from six months to several years. We will check them at every appointment to make sure they are still doing their job properly. Sealants aren’t designed for areas between the back teeth or for front teeth. And teeth that already have fillings or decay cannot usually be sealed.
    It takes only a few minutes to apply the sealant, and give your child’s teeth years of insurance against decay.

    There’s no drilling or freezing. Remember – sealants don’t take the place of brushing, flossing and healthy eating. But using them is a proven and painless technique that can help preserve your child’s smile for a lifetime. Ask us about it!

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