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    How To Make Your Child’s First Dentist Visit A Positive Experience

    The very first time a child goes to the dentist is likely to set the tone for the rest of their life!

    If the first visit goes well, they may develop positive feelings toward dentists in the future.  However, if the first visit is not positive, it is almost certain they will resist future visits or even develop a strong fear of dentists for the rest of their lives!

    Once the child has been to a dentist two or three times, they will probably always enjoy going to the dentist.

    Which would you rather have?  Obviously, the positive one, right?  So, what do you do to prepare for your child’s first dental visit?

    Start Early!

    Book the first appointment when your child’s first tooth comes out…roughly at the age of six months… or, at least before the first birthday.

    Don’t wait a few years, when all the teeth come out (and the insurance kicks in).  Tooth decay happens to everyone, including infants.  Get connected to a kids dentist and get checkups done every six months.  Getting your child used to visiting the dentist regularly is a great way to start raising a health-savvy child

    Children who like going to the dentist are likely to love brushing and taking care of their teeth.  They are also more likely to prevent the development of cavities.

    If someone other than a parent reinforces it, the child is more likely to take the parent’s guidance about good dental hygiene.  Your dentist can help make dental hygiene fun and even interesting.

    How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Dental Visit

    Here are a few ideas to think about when preparing your child for the first dental visit:

    • Have a positive attitude!  Show excitement about the first visit. If your child is too young to understand spoken language, they will still pick up on your body language.  If you are happy and excited, your child will “get the feeling!”
    • Bring some comforting toys and food to associate good feelings with being in the dentist’s office.
    • Consider visiting the dentist’s office a few days before the appointment and let the play with the toys and “hang out” with other kids.  Phone the dentist’s office to let them know your plan.  I’m sure they will be excited to make a good first impression on your child.
    • Talk to the dentist beforehand to learn what he / she will do in the first visit.  Every dentist has a slightly different approach.  Discussing this in advance will help both you and the dentist prepare for the visit.
    • Find out how long the appointment will last and pace yourself and the child.  Most first appointment will take less than half an hour, but it would be good to discuss this in advance with your dentist.
    • Consider having both parents at the appointment for the first few visits.  This way, the child will associate dentist visits as a family affair.  They will get the idea that going to the dentist is normal thing and “everyone” goes to the dentist.

    A child will learn attitudes about dentists from their parents.  If they feel that you feel positively about dentist visits, your child is also likely to learn the same attitudes.  The fact you are reading this article means that you care about helping your child like dentists so it is likely your child will feel cared under your guidance.

    Solar Dental is set up to welcome children.  Book an appointment, come in and meet our staff and take a tour of our office.  You and your child will love visiting our dentists!

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