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    How To Avoid Chipping Your Teeth

    Teeth may the strongest thing in your body, but they are certainly easy to chip!  Here are some common ways people chip their teeth.  Knowing this will help you avoid an expensive problem.

    Nighttime Grinding (Bruxism)

    “One in three people suffer from bruxism” according to the Academy of General Dentistry. Clenching and grinding your teeth will eventually wear them down and weaken the enamel.  The slightest application of pressure will be enough to chip and crack your teeth.  It would be a good idea to get a custom-made mouth guard made by your dentist to protect your teeth.

    A night-guard made by your dentist also acts as a retainer for your teeth to keep them straight and prevent shifting.  It’s a good way to keep your smile beautiful.

    High Impact Sports

    Trauma to the mouth is one of the most common ways of chipping and cracking your teeth. Crashing into other people is a reliable way to injure your teeth.  Getting hit in the face with a ball is another great way to chip or even break your teeth.

    If you participate in sports like hockey, football, baseball, basketball, team badminton, squash, boxing, martial arts or anything where you are likely to crash into people or have objects crash into you, it would be wise to wear a custom fitted mouth guard made by your dentist.

    Chewing On Hard Foods

    Biting into or chewing hard objects can cause chipping. Avoid biting into frozen treats, hardened foods like jawbreakers, textured snacks and ice.  You have to be extra careful if you have fillings or dental crowns.

    Eat Teeth Friendly Food

    Poor nutrition can weaken your teeth, increasing chances of chipping. Sugary, starchy and acidic foods create bacteria that produce acid and eat into your tooth enamel.  Rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating these kinds of foods.  A balanced, nutritional diet will help keep your teeth strong.

    Other Causes Of Chipped Teeth

    1. Mouth Piercings
      If you have a tongue piercing or other face piercing that leads to the mouth and your teeth keep chipping, your piercing may be the cause. Consider how important it is to look cool vs having healthy teeth that last a lifetime.
    2. Beer Drinking
      Believe it or not, hitting your teeth with the bottle while drinking is a major cause of chipped teeth. Drinking less will help you have better aim and keep your teeth healthier.
    3. Water Fountains
      Being in a hurry at the water fountain or playing around while trying to get a drink at a water fountain can be dangerous to your teeth. Many kids have proven this point.
    4. Bouncing On Trampolines
      When more than one person is on a trampoline it is easily possible to crash into each other and chip your tooth.
    5. Passionate Kissing
      Slow down.
    6. Shivering
      Wear a sweater. Chattering teeth can chip.  Yes, it has happened before.

    Teeth can chip and crack very easily if you are not careful.   A little care and preparation is an easy way to prevent damage to teeth.

    If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, have our dentists look at it.   In most cases we can easily have your chipped tooth looking good again.

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