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    How Adults Should Brush Their Teeth To Stop Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay is a serious problem that affects people of all ages.  Dentists take the time to carefully educate children on good oral hygiene habits.  However, the teeth cleaning process that is appropriate for small children falls short for adults.

    In reality, the basic brushing and flossing instructions given to a child are meant to be simple and easy to do for children.  They don’t have the dexterity, coordination or ability to understand the more complex realities of how to really take care of their teeth and gums.

    Tooth cavities and gum disease has become such a problem for adults that people are now looking for alternate solutions.

    Fortunately, the solution to gum disease (periodontitis) and tooth decay is quite simple and doesn’t cost anything.

    Proper Teeth Brushing Technique To Prevent Gum Disease

    Gum disease happens when bacteria gets in behind the gums and into the root of the tooth.  This doesn’t just happen instantly.  Over the span of several days, weeks or even months a film called plaque builds up around the gumline.  This eventually starts to deteriorate the gums.

    Once gums get infected a little bit, the bacteria makes its way deeper and deeper into the gums.  When the gums start “rotting” behind the visible gumline you have a serious problem on your hands.

    The solution is to prevent the buildup of plaque.  Regular checkups and teeth cleanings are always needed.  However, if you pay careful attention to your brushing technique you can go a long way toward avoiding the buildup of plaque.

    The technique for avoiding bacteria buildup at the gumline is simple:  Use short, quick strokes at the gumline for each tooth to purposefully remove bacteria.  Young children do not have the dexterity and coordination to do this, so the dentist never tries to teach this intricate maneuver.

    That’s it.  It’s that simple.  Take a couple of seconds to brush specifically at the gumline on both sides of your teeth as well as deep in the molar area and you will have healthier gums.

    Prevent Cavities With Proper Brushing Technique

    The problem with small kids is they are not able to clearly understand how their teeth look inside their mouth.  You, however, as an adult, can easily visualize what your teeth look like.

    In order to clean your teeth properly, take time to brush carefully around the bends and into the area where the teeth meet.  There are curves to consider.  You will be able to access certain areas of your teeth more easily than others.  The back teeth can be a real problem.

    If you know you should be paying attention to the curves and intricacies of your teeth you can be more careful about where you are brushing.

    Just run your tongue on each area after you brush and you can feel if they feel “clean like glass”.  This is how you want all your teeth to feel after brushing.

    If you brush your gums and teeth carefully, you will find that the film of bacteria stays very thin and is easy to remove.  It doesn’t take a lot of time.

    Of course, the toothpaste you use is important.  Choose a soft brush with rounded tips for best results.  Be gentle with your gums so you don’t scratch them up.  The enamel on your teeth also needs to be treated gently.

    A little care goes a long way if you are using the right technique.

    Visit your dentist regularly so they can spot problems before you need an expensive treatment.

    Solar Dental provides dentist services for the whole family.  Call today to book an appointment.

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