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    • 15 DEC 14
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    Go Beyond the Limits of Human Vision!

    Solar Blog Digital Technology - Dentist Cambridge Ontario

    We can go now go beyond the limits of human vision with the Sopro717 LED Intra Oral Camera and show you a high quality, magnified image of the inside of your mouth without using bulky accessories. These LED cameras are a tool we use at chair side to show you a clear picture of the inside of your mouth in incredible detail. Using these images we can visually communicate and consult with you on various treatment options. We can then save the images directly to your patient file!

    Intra Oral Cameras are slender, fit comfortably inside your mouth and are pain free. When you visit Solar Dental, Intra Oral Camera exams are provided to you on each of your Hygiene appointments or on request. Detect and treat potential concerns and stay on top of your oral Hygiene with an Intra Oral exam, call us today to book your exam and cleaning.

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