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    Foods You Should Eat for Good Oral Health

    We’ve all been told ever since we were toddlers that sugary foods and sodas will rot our teeth, acidic foods will break down tooth enamel, and coffee will stain teeth surfaces. With all of these suggestions of what we shouldn’t eat, it begs the question: What should we eat for proper oral health? Here are 4 foods dentists recommend for strong teeth.

    Foods High in Vitamin C

    fruits and vegetablesVitamin C is a very important contributor in the fight against periodontal disease, which occurs when gum disease or gingivitis reaches advanced stages and causes swelling and infection in the gums. Vitamin C helps to build up the gums so that they are not an easy target for bacteria. These foods include kiwi, oranges and other citrus fruit, broccoli, spinach and other leafy greens, tomatoes, bell peppers, berries, peas, papayas, and most other fruits and vegetables.

    Foods High in Phosphorous and Calcium

    Tooth enamel can easily be worn away by too much sugary and acidic food if it is not protected, and once the enamel is gone, it doesn’t come back. Foods high in phosphorous and calcium protect and strengthen your enamel. These foods also help to balance the pH levels in your mouth, killing bacteria and reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease. Foods rich in phosphorous and calcium include, cheese, milk, nuts, chicken, and other meats singulair tablet.

    Foods that Generate Saliva

    Saliva is one of the best protectors of teeth because it rinses your mouth and fights off damaging bacteria, specifically Streptococcus mutants that create cavities. Foods that help create saliva include celery, apples, sugar free dental gum, and any other firm, crunchy fruits or vegetables. Since most of these foods are also slightly abrasive and made primarily from water, they are also great for massaging gums and cleaning between teeth.


    While not technically a food, water is one of the most effective mouthwashes on the market. Drinking enough water daily can help to swish out bacteria and food stuck between the teeth. It also helps your gums stay hydrated and healthy. Proper hydration is necessary for good general health, which leads to good oral health.

    Overall, good oral health is achieved through a healthy diet, although it will not guarantee you are immune from cavities. When you have a cavity or other dental problem, contact your local dental professionals in Kitchener, and keep up the good diet!

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