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    Emergency Dental Care – Should You See A Dentist Right Away?

    If you need emergency dental care you can just walk into any Solar Dental office and we will take care of you quickly.  Most of our dental clinics are open 7 days a week, including Sundays!

    Even though you don’t need an appointment, it would be helpful if you could give us a quick phone call and let us know you are coming.  This way we can manage our other patients so you get emergency dentist services as quickly as possible.

    We have a dentist office in Kitchener and Cambridge Ontario and two dental clinics in London Ontario – one in Masonville (Fanshawe Park Rd E) and the other in the Esthene Centre (Waterloo St.).

    How Do You Know If You Need Emergency Dental Care?

    1. If you have a bad toothache that can’t wait until your appointment, come see us right away. We don’t want you to be in terrible pain.
    2. If you have a constant toothache that won’t go away… same thing. Come see us. It could be something that may get worse if you don’t take care of it right away.
    3. Did you get your tooth or teeth knocked out in an accident? That’s definitely an emergency.  Try to bring your tooth with you.  In some cases we may be able to put it back in and you can keep your natural teeth.
    4. Are your gums bleeding continuously? You may have a severe case of gum disease.  If it is not treated as soon as possible the problem could become serious.
    5. Sometimes your filling can come out or your dental bridge or veneers could come loose. That’s an emergency.  Come see us right away.  If you delay, the problem could worsen and you might end up in a lot of pain.
    6. Swelling in your mouth that doesn’t go away could be a sign. Let a dentist have a look at it right away.  It could be serious.
    7. Did you lose the feeling in your mouth? That’s not good.  Your tooth isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse.  Come see us right away.
    8. If your mouth tastes like pennies or you have a metallic or very bitter taste in your mouth your fillings may be coming loose. Come see us right away.  People who have older metal fillings can often taste them if they become lose, cracked, or fall off.
    9. Jaw pain can be caused by many things, but if you have a deep, consistent pain in your jaw that won’t go away, you probably have a cracked or infected tooth.
    10. Any kind of fever means your body is fighting off an infection. If you constantly have a cold that you can’t get rid of and a toothache at the same time, get your teeth checked as soon as possible. You might have a gum infection or tooth abscess.

    If you need emergency dental care, don’t go to the emergency department in a hospital.  They likely won’t be able to do much for you other than give you pain killers.  In a real emergency dentist situation you need to go to a dentist, they will know what to look for and be able to solve the problem quickly.  Not going to a dentist may mean you are losing precious time in which you could save your teeth from further damage.

    If you have tooth pain, see an emergency dentist right away.  We will accommodate you as quickly as possible and treat  your dental problem as a priority.

    Go to “Locations” at the top of the page on this website and look up the Solar Dental office nearest you.

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