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    Dental “Tools” You Should Be Using at Home, Too

    A toothbrush and floss. That’s all you need to have healthy pearly whites, right?

    048 copyNot so fast! Your mouth probably feels cleanest when you first leave the dentist office after a routine dental exam and cleaning. But lucky for you, you can achieve that same clean feeling at home, too. Granted, you should never substitute your own cleaning for a dental cleaning, but you can use traditional dental “tools” to take even better care of your mouth in between visits to your Kitchener dental clinic. But which tools should you use?


    Plaque Staining

    This probably sounds weird, but temporarily staining your teeth will help you get a better idea of places in you mouth that you miss when doing your daily cleaning singulair inhaler. When you use a plaque staining agent, which typically comes in the form of chewable tablets that you swish around your mouth and then rinse out, the stain sticks to the plaque that is still on your teeth. This allows you to pinpoint areas that you miss while brushing or flossing. We all know there are hard-to-reach places that frequently get forgotten while we clean our own teeth, but plaque stain makes it impossible to overlook areas where plaque has accumulated.


    Dental Mirrors

    We have all seen those little mirrors on the end of sticks that dentists use to look around our mouths, but have you ever thought of how beneficial one of those could be for your own personal dental care? Dental mirrors not only help you to see areas of your mouth that would otherwise remain hidden, but they also help you to become more familiar with your own teeth and gums. Everyone’s teeth have different ridges and contours. Knowing more about the exact shape of your teeth can make your brushing and flossing more effective. You can also check to see if you have cavities or discoloration by using a dental mirror.


    Tongue Scraper

    While you might not want to hear this, your tongue houses more bacteria and fungus than you would probably like to think about. By using a tongue scraper regularly, you can clear your tongue of many of the microorganisms that reside there. Brush the tongue scraper from the back to the front, and don’t push down too hard—you just want to get the top layer of bacteria, not hurt yourself. By cleaning your tongue, you are not only improving your oral health, but you are also helping rid yourself of the causes of bad breath.


    It’s easy to have a clean, fresh mouth like you get from a dental visit by implementing simple oral health treatments at your own home.

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