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    Why It’s Crucial To Replace Your Teeth With Dental Implants Instead Of Other Tooth Replacement Options

    Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth or to replace teeth that need to be removed if at all medically possible.  All other methods either weaken your teeth or leave you socially vulnerable because they create embarrassing situations.

    Unfortunately there are many situations where, medically, it is not possible to drill a hole in your jawbone and implant a titanium screw that will hold the replacement tooth as well as your natural teeth.  However, if at all possible, a dental implant is probably your best option.

    Of course, you should discuss it with your dentist.  Look at the different options, their cost and the feasibility for your lifestyle.

    Tooth Replacement Options Compared To Dental Implants

    Tooth Supported, Fixed Dental Bridge

    When a dentist installs a tooth supported dental bridge he / she need to shave down the healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth.  This involves removing the healthy enamel from your teeth.  Enamel is a natural protectant against wear and tear as well as bacteria.

    If the adjacent tooth or teeth are healthy and strong, the dentist will attach a bracket that “bridges” the gap created by the missing tooth.  An artificial tooth is then installed in its place.  This tooth is held in place by the dental bridge which is supported by the two adjacent, healthy teeth.  The artificial tooth is not anchored to the jawbone.

    Over time, the dental bridge can come loose.  Special cleaning and care would be required to make sure bacteria does not grow around the bracket use for the bridge. And, since the artificial tooth is not anchored to the jawbone, the jawbone will start to deteriorate.

    Although a dental bridge is a popular option because the teeth look good, from a dental health point of view it is better to have a dental implant that is anchored directly to the jawbone.

    Installing a dental implant does not require shaving down the adjacent teeth.  The implant goes directly into the jawbone and the bone and tissues eventually accept the implant as a natural part of the jawbone.  This means the jawbone does not deteriorate.  Plus, there is not added strain on the adjacent teeth which can weaken them, over time.

    Removable Partial Dentures

    There is a significant difference in price between a dental implant and removable partial dentures tooth replacement options.

    Removable, partial dentures tend to develop stability and comfort issues over time.  You may not be able to speak properly and eating can be a challenge.  There is not enough strength in the setup to eat some solid foods.  Also, the dentures can come out when you are eating, laughing or even just while you are having a conversation.

    On top of that, there is no support in the jawbone where the missing tooth used to be, so the jawbone will eventually start to deteriorate and change the shape of your smile and face.

    Resin-Bonded Dental Bridge

    A resin-bonded dental bridge tooth replacement option, also called a Maryland-bonded bridge, “wings” are attached to an artificial replacement tooth and glued on to the adjacent teeth.  The adjacent teeth do not need to be shaved down and weakened as in the dental bridge.

    This is a quick and easy solution to getting a dental implant and can be considered a replacement for a dental bridge.

    A resin-bonded dental bridge can come loose.  The replacement tooth does not have the strength of a natural tooth so eating can be a problem.  Since it is not anchored to the jawbone, the jawbone will deteriorate and change the look of your face and smile.

    Complete Denture

    This is considered to be a low cost alternative to dental implants, but is it really?  You keep having to get new dentures from time to time.  Dentures click and make noises when you talk or eat.  They can fall out in the middle of talking, eating, laughing or coughing and limit your ability to taste food.  On top of that, the bone in the area of the missing teeth will eventually deteriorate causing problems for the rest of your teeth while at the same time changing the look of your face and smile.

    For these reasons, among tooth replacement options, we say the best way to go is to have a qualified dentist install dental implants if you have missing teeth or if you need to get diseased teeth replaced.

    Solar Dental offers no-interest payment plans so you can stay within budget and get proper care for your teeth.

    Call us today for a tooth replacement options consultation and see if dental implants can be a viable option for you:   1-844-765-2748

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    If your clinic provides dental implant treatments, you already know that patients expect the very best esthetic results. Careful management of these expectations is important.

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    I agree with you on the issue of replacing a diseased tooth in case one has such a problem

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