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    Common Reasons for Emergency Dental Visits

    dentist at work on woman patient in officeWhile visiting the dentist isn’t always something people like to plan into their schedules, emergency dental visits are looked forward to even less than a planned appointment. But it is a fact of life that accidents happen that make it necessary to see a dentist quickly. These are some of the most common dental emergencies people experience when they visit a dental clinic in Kitchener.

    Chipped Tooth

    Chipping a tooth is the most common dental emergency that happens to people. A tooth can become chipped as a result of eating certain foods, like nuts or hard candies, or by some kind of accident. While it can be a little embarrassing for some people to walk around with a chip in their tooth, this isn’t typically a painful experience and can be easily fixed with something like a veneer or crown.

    Broken Tooth

    A broken tooth is a little more extreme than merely a chipped tooth. A tooth can break if there is a weakness that has developed and not been taken care of. If you have a chipped tooth and neglect to get it fixed, it can more easily fracture and make your situation even worse. A broken tooth is also more painful than a chipped tooth, so you will want to avoid this if at all possible.

    Lost Tooth

    Getting a tooth knocked out is actually a pretty common occurrence, even for adults. While it is usually children and teenagers who get their teeth knocked out by playing sports and doing other physical activities, adults lose their teeth doing things like housework and other types of projects. It is also possible to lose a tooth due to decay. If your tooth is still in tact, a dentist can reattach it to the socket, but this must be done within an hour or two of it being removed. Otherwise, you will need to get a dental implant.

    Filling Problems

    Fillings are used to strengthen a tooth when it has become damaged, either by a cavity or other form of decay. If you lose your filling, it is important to be seen at a dental clinic in Kitchener immediately to avoid further damage to your tooth.

    These accidents happen more often than many people would think. Although you may not want to see a dentist at the drop of a hat, visiting a dental professional is necessary if you experience any of the previous dental mishaps.

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