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    Common Questions About Dental Implants

    Dental implants are pretty-well the best option for tooth replacement if your health will allow it.  Tooth replacement can become necessary due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury.

    Generally speaking, if you are healthy enough to have a routine dental extraction or oral surgery, you can be eligible to get a dental implant.  The main thing is you need to have healthy gums and enough jawbone to hold the implant.

    If you don’t have good oral hygiene habits and don’t visit a dentist regularly, dental implants might be a waste of money because you will continue to suffer from gum disease and tooth decay.

    Heavy smokers and people who have chronic problems like diabetes or heart disease need to be carefully evaluated by a dentist.  People who have had radiation therapy to the head and neck region also need to be carefully evaluated.  The best thing to do is to visit a dentist and let him / her decide whether dental implants are a viable option for you.

    What Are Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are a replacement for the root of a tooth.  They provide a strong foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth.  Implants are embedded directly into your jawbone and the jawbone eventually accepts them as a natural part of the body.

    How Do Dental Implants Work?

    The implant itself is like a screw made of titanium.  It is threaded kind of like a screw and embedded directly into the jawbone.  Part of the dental implant is in the jawbone while another part sticks out into your mouth.  A natural looking crown is shaped and fitted on top of the dental implant that sticks out (the abutment).

    Once the dental implant has been installed, it takes about three to six months for your natural bone to grow around it.  From then on, it provides a strong foundation for the artificial tooth that goes on top of it.  This tooth is then as strong, if not stronger, than your natural teeth.

    Are Dental Implants Safe?

    A dental implant procedure is very safe when performed by a trained and experienced dentist.  In fact, it is considered  one of the safest dental surgeries in the business.  Implants have successfully been embedded in patients of all ages (generally, they are not recommended for children under age 9).  Since they last a lifetime (with proper care), people who get dental implants are very happy years after they have gone through the procedure.

    Does It Hurt To Get A Dental Implant?

    A local anesthetic is used when installing a dental implant so you won’t feel a thing while the procedure is being done.  There could be some discomfort after you leave the dentist’s office, but most people’s experience is like a tooth extraction.  Your dentist will give you special instructions after the procedure for how to care for the healing implant and how to manage pain.

    What Is The Cost Of Dental Implants?

    The cost of dental implants depends on the number of implants you need, how healthy your teeth and gums are and how strong your jawbone is.  Then you have to consider the cost of the crown or other alternative to cover dental implant.

    All these considerations are very specific to every individual.  The best approach is to get your teeth properly diagnosed by a qualified dentist.  Solar Dental provides interest free loans and easy monthly payment plans that fit into your budget.

    Give us a call and set up an appointment for a free consultation.  Our dentist will work through all the details with you.

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  • Posted by Lynn Johns on February 18, 2019, 11:32 pm

    I’ve had several teeth fall out without any problems or warnings that these teeth were lose. My dentist had mentioned that I have receeding gum lines years ago n that there is nothing that can be done to prevent or stop it. I have not seen a dentist n years since my dentist had retired. Please contact me to arrange for an appointment. Thank You

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  • Posted by Caden Dahl on March 21, 2019, 12:56 am

    I think I need dental implants. Having them done by a dentist would be important. I’ll do some research before making a choice.

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