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    • 12 MAY 14
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    Tips for Recovering Quickly From Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be a nerve wracking experience for some. However, if you go to a Kitchener dental clinic with experience in removing wisdom teeth, you can feel comfortable and confident in their ability to make this as easy as possible. While there are some well known routines to get into once

    • 30 APR 18
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    Should You Get Your Child An Electric Toothbrush?

    Yes, but be smart about it. No, your child isn’t just making a fuss.  Kids actually have more sensitive gag reflexes compared to adults.  This is natural protection to keep undesirable objects from going down their throat.  Anything that a child swallows is more difficult than for an adult. Also, kids can get scared by

    • 15 DEC 14
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    Save Time, Money – and Your Teeth With Digital X-rays!

    Solar Dental uses Vatech digital x-ray technology to provide a clear and precise panoramic view of your entire mouth. Using an electronic sensor (instead of x-ray film) we capture and store the digital image on our computer which can then be viewed instantly by your Dentist and saved to your file – no waiting for

    • 08 JUL 14
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    Questions To Ask During Your Dental Visit

    We know it’s hard to try to have a conversation with your dentist or dental hygienist while you are having a dental exam. With gloved hands and shiny tools sticking out of your mouth, it’s hard to get any words out, let alone comprehensible words. But even if you can’t talk to your dental care